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Asterisk mixmonitor cmd

Today, in asterisk 1.6, we will see what the MixMonitor Application does and in which context you can use it. What may be usefull are:

* MIXMONITOR_FILENAME variable will contain the full recording path at the end of the cmd

* Option ‘a’: Can be use if the file you want to record to already exists. It will be overwrite without this option. If you specify the ‘a’ option, it will be append instead.

* Option ‘b’: Will wait for the call to be bridge before start the recording

* You can adjust volumes from ‘-4′ to ‘4′ using the V(x) or v(x) for spoken and heard

* When the recording is over, the command specified in the ‘command’ parameter will be call.

-= Info about application ‘MixMonitor’ =-

Record a call and mix the audio during the recording.  Use of StopMixMonitor
is required to guarantee the audio file is available for processing during
dialplan execution.

Records the audio on the current channel to the specified file.
${MIXMONITOR_FILENAME}: Will contain the filename used to record.


If <filename> is an absolute path, uses that path, otherwise creates
the file in the configured monitoring directory from “asterisk.conf.”
a: Append to the file instead of overwriting it.
b: Only save audio to the file while the channel is bridged.
NOTE: Does not include conferences or sounds played to each bridged
NOTE: If you utilize this option inside a Local channel, you must
make sure the Local channel is not optimized away. To do this, be sure
to call your Local channel with the ‘/n’ option. For example: Dial(Lo
v(x): Adjust the *heard* volume by a factor of <x> (range ‘-4′ to
V(x): Adjust the *spoken* volume by a factor of <x> (range ‘-4′ to
W(x): Adjust both, *heard and spoken* volumes by a factor of <x>
(range ‘-4′ to ‘4′)
Will be executed when the recording is over.
Any strings matching ‘^{X}’ will be unescaped to ${X}.
All variables will be evaluated at the time MixMonitor is called


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