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Dealing with IRQ on E1/T1/Pri

Sometimes, you may run into weird quality problems when having a digium card.

This may include random drop calls, cuts in the calls etc …

This may have something to do with the IRQ sharing on your server. Please make sure that the digium card has it own dedicated IRQ interupt

To do so, run:

lspci -bvvv

This will show all hardware onĀ  your server as well as their IRQ number. If your digium card has the same IRQ with another hardware, you may be in trouble.

There are some solutions:

1. Disable or remove the other hardware (like USB) if you don’t use it.

2. Reboot your server and go in the BIOS to see if you have an option to setup IRQ

3. Change the digium hardware slot and see if that fix the problem


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