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Install asterisk on ubuntu (apt-get)

If you don’t want to compile asterisk on ubuntu and you are already using a debian based system like ubuntu,

you can just apt-get asterisk

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install asterisk

Asterisk security : ACL not respected on SIP INVITE

A missing ACL check for handling SIP INVITEs allows a device to make calls on networks intended to be prohibited as defined by the “deny” and “permit” lines in sip.conf. The ACL check for handling SIPĀ  registrations was not affected.

Asterisk and others PBX monitoring

Here is a great tool to monitor your web services as well as your public phone services

Asterisk: send and receive fax

You may have search all over the internet about a reliable way to send and receive fax using

asterik and a voip connection or your TDM/T1 card you already have.

Digium have a solution for you.

Check their free fax product. Register and install it.

You can use it for free if you need only one conccurent channel. This may be all you need if you have only one outbound line anyway or expect only on fax at the time.

For multiple channels, the pricing is as low as 39.99$

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