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Customize asterisk with “make menuselect”

Since asterisk 1.4.0, a new build system autoconf was implemented.

After running ./configure, you can run “menu makeselect”, to select your modules and

check customize your build options.

Protect asterisk again hackers (fail2ban)

If your asterisk box has a public interface or you receive Ip call from the outside world,

you will have to make sure that an unautorized user does reach your pbx and tries to make calls.

To do so, of course, you should start making sure that your sip.conf or iax.conf file has strong password and policies.

You can also use fail2ban. This process will parse any log file, detect IP addresses that failed to connect to a specific services (asterisk, ssh, ftp etc…). After a certain number of failure, fail2ban will automaticly add that adresss in your firewall and block the user for the next ‘x’ minutes.

Here is how you can configure fail2ban to protect your asterisk box.

Quick install asterisk on Ubuntu

Check this excellent wiki on how to install asterisk on ubuntu from the sources.

Asterisk : share variable between multiple channels [ImportVar]

Some times, you can have multiple live channels running on your asterisk dialplan

and you want to, in the channel 1 thread, read another channel variable.

You can use asterisk ImportVar application.

ImportVar(newvar=channelname|variable): This application imports a variable
from the specified channel (as opposed to the current one) and stores it as
a variable in the current channel (the channel that is calling this
application). Variables created by this application have the same inheritance
properties as those created with the Set application. See the documentation for
Set for more information.

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