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Asterisk : generate core dump files

We all know that asterisk in still a work in progress and some people can have crash time to time.

If you want to know where asterisk did crash and generate coredump files, you need the followings :

- set the maximum size of coredump file that can be generate. Usually coredump files are very large file. So, to make sure that you have it, set it to unlimited. Must be done before starting asterisk.

ulimit -c unlimited

- tell asterisk to generate coredump file if crash happens. So, start asterisk with the g flag

asterisk -g

Then, when the asterisk service will crash it will generate a coredump file in the process root directory. To know what the process current working directory is, find the running asterisk process id (ps -ef |grep asterisk) and then run

ls -l /proc/<processid>

The ‘cwd’ (for current working directory) symlink is where your coredump file will be generate.

You can use gdb to see what happened.


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