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Asterisk automatic dialing

Sometimes, you may need asterisk to call somebody and play any kind of application or run a dialplan extension.

Asterisk call files can be use here. You need to create a call file (which is a clear text file) and move it in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ directory. A thread on the asterisk server will check for new files there and process them.

The file contains keys and values seperated by a ‘:’ character on each line. Here are the accepted parameters:

Example :

If you want to call the number 5140000000 through channel Zap/g1 and play welcome prompt when answered, your call file will look like :

Channel: Zap/g1/5140000000

CallerID: Ruddy Micnes  <5143161470>

WaitTime: 30

Application: Playback

Data: welcome


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