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Asterisk 1.4 : gsm poor quality

I just installed asterisk 1.4 on ubuntu from sources and had bad sound quality on gsm file when I try to play them back.

How to fix it ?

Disable asterisk optiomization parameter when compiling.

How to do it ?

Run ‘make menuselect’ from your asterisk source directory.

Go into ‘Compiler Flags’ and check ‘DONT_OPTIMIZE’

Make sure that you have ncurses packages to display the menu.

Here are the instructions.

make clean
make menuselect
make install

Accept a call before talking (M option)

Sometimes, when a caller tries to reach a callee, you may want the called party to pickup the phone,

hear some prompt and accept the call or reject it.

This kind of option is usually use for collect calls when the called party needs, to pickup the phone, will hear a prompt “You have a call from M. Johnson. Do you want to accept it ? If yes, press 1.”

On asterisk, you can archieve this by using the M option in the Dial command.

So, the caller dials extensions 1000 and tries to reach SIP/1000. The dialplan looks like:


exten => 1000,1,Noop

exten => 1000,n,Dial(SIP/1000|30|M(calleemacro^arg1^arg2))

exten => 1000,n,Hangup

Then, while the caller will still be hearing the ringing, when the callee (called party) will pick up the phone,

his channel will be forward to macro “calleemacro” with arg1, arg2 … as arguments.

Now, what will happen to the pending bridge will depend of the callee variable MACRO_RESULT.

The possible values are :

* ABORT        Hangup both legs of the call.
* CONGESTION   Behave as if line congestion was encountered.
* BUSY         Behave as if a busy signal was encountered. This will also
have the application jump to priority n+101 if the
‘j’ option is set.
* CONTINUE     Hangup the called party and allow the calling party
to continue dialplan execution at the next priority.
* GOTO:<context>^<exten>^<priority> - Transfer the call to the
specified priority. Optionally, an extension, or
extension and priority can be specified.

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